If you want to buy authentic Portuguese souvenirs from Portugal, grab this epic Portuguese souvenirs list with the 16 best things to buy in Portugal and the best places to buy these traditional Portugal products.

What To Buy From Portugal: 16 Best Portuguese Souvenirs

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Want to shop for authentic Portuguese souvenirs on your Portugal trip? You’re at the right place.

From quintessential Portuguese tiles and delicious egg tarts to the lesser-known ceramic swallows and specialty tea from the Azores, we have a list of the 16 best souvenirs from Portugal.

Portugal is the land of beautiful handicrafts and delicious food. It goes without saying that there’s no dearth of traditional Portuguese gifts to bring back home.

If you’re ever confused about what to buy from Portugal, check this Ultimate Portugal Souvenirs Guide and buy your favorite piece.

I also asked travelers around the world to weigh in with their opinions on why certain Portuguese gifts were their favorites to help you make an informed decision.

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Best Portugal Souvenirs – Portuguese Art & Crafts

Handmade Pottery – Traditional Souvenirs from Portugal

Handmade pottery from Portugal - one of the best things to buy in Portugal
Handmade pottery is one of the most authentic souvenirs to buy in Portugal.
Image courtesy: Madison of Madison’s Footsteps

Immerse yourself in Portuguese heritage and culture by bringing a piece of the country’s charm back from your trip in the form of handmade pottery!

Wandering through the quaint streets of Lisbon, you’ll stumble upon an array of delightful pottery shops, each offering its unique spin. 

Portuguese pottery, known for its intricate designs and vibrant colors, is a tangible piece of the country’s cultural identity. 

Each piece of traditional Portuguese pottery tells a story of artistry passed down through generations“, says Madison of Madison’s Footsteps.

The beauty of these pieces lies not only in the craftsmanship but also in the connection to Portugal’s history and traditions. 

If you’re staying in the Alfama neighborhood, you’ll likely pass one of the best pottery shops in the cityLisbon’s Tiles (located just around the corner from the breathtaking Santa Luzia Viewpoint).

This little shop is full of handmade tiles, bowls, plates, soap dishes, wall hangings, and more – all made by a local artist and sold for a great price.

Not only do these handmade pottery products make great Portuguese souvenirs, but they’re also the perfect gift to present to your loved ones back home. 

Portuguese Tiles – The Best Gift from Portugal

Authentic azulejo tiles are a meaningful Portuguese souvenir
Gorgeous tiles are one of the best Portugal souvenirs to pick up on your trip.
Image courtesy: Daniela of Olá Daniela

Tiles are everywhere you look in Portugal.

From hand-painted illustrated scenes to vibrant stenciled patterns, you could spend days seeking out and documenting the different azulejos that blanket whole buildings in Lisbon, Porto, and across the country. 

Azulejos are Portuguese ceramic tiles that date as far back as the 13th century.

This artistic technique came to Portugal in 1498 after Portugal’s King Manual visited Seville and fell in love. 

You can see some of the oldest tiles in the National Palace at Sintra, just outside Lisbon.

Even though azulejo tiles make the country so fascinating, this Portuguese souvenir has a dark side“, says Daniela of Olá Daniela.

Those beautiful antique tiles you spotted at the flea market had to come from somewhere, after all! 

If you’re eager to take a beautiful slice of Portugal’s tile heritage home, forget the antiques and shop for new tiles instead. 

This way, you won’t support the degradation of local culture. And you’ll support living artisans who also work to repair the city’s facades and preserve Portugal’s beauty for generations.

Pro Tip: Do you love the tiles of Portugal? Add this Tile-Making Workshop and Private Tiles Tour to your Lisbon itinerary.

Cork Souvenirs from Portugal

Cork bags are one of the best things to buy in Portugal
Looking for sustainable things to buy in Portugal? Get a cork product.
Image courtesy: melissa.mn Images via Canva Pro

Portugal is the world’s leading producer of cork. That is why something made from cork should definitely be on this Portugueses souvenirs list! 

Cork oak tree is native to Southern Europe. Portugal has some of the world’s most extensive cork oak forests.

“Cork products are great because cork is a renewable and sustainable material, says Annelies of Travelers & Dreamers.

Once the bark of the cork oak tree is harvested, it regenerates over time. This means that cork products don’t just look great; they are also good for the environment!

Another great thing about these products is that they are also lightweight, water-resistant, and durable. The perfect Portugal gift!

When traveling through Portugal, you can find various cork products, whether in the capital city of Lisbon, a smaller beach town like Ericeira, or UNESCO-protected places like Evora.

The most common cork items for tourists are handbags, wallets, hats, and shoes.

Pro Tip: Take a cork factory tour to learn more about the processes that go into making beautiful Portugal cork products.

Portuguese Azulejo Posters

An azulejo-printed tuk tuk in Lisbon
Azulejo posters make everything vibrant and lively.
Image courtesy: Soline of On the Road Diary 

One thing you will notice as soon as you land in Portugal is the presence of colorful azulejos everywhere

Azulejos are decorated glazed tiles featuring geometric patterns or symbolic representations.

You will see azulejos outside and inside every building and souvenir shop. It is a very distinctive sign of Portugal.

However, beyond being aesthetically pleasing, azulejos tiles also have a more profound significance in Portuguese culture.

They often depict historical scenes, religious motifs, and even everyday life in Portugal. They serve as a visual representation of the country’s rich history and cultural heritage.

If you think that bringing a tile home might be a bit difficult, don’t worry! 

You can find azulejos in all forms in any Portugal souvenirs store. Look out for azulejo posters, mugs, and cutting boards. 

Soline of On the Road Diary recommends bringing an azulejo poster home because it perfectly showcases azulejo art form’s colorful and geometric details.

Portuguese Tea Towels

Embroidered towels make for the best gift from Portugal
Embroidered tea towels are the perfect Portugal themed gifts for your family and friends.

One of the best Portuguese souvenirs to bring home is tea towels from A Vida Portuguesa in Lisbon. 

“I love buying these since tea towels from this Lisbon shop offer both style and practicality“, says Nancy of Ericeira Family Adventures.

Not only are these tea towels lightweight and easy to pack, but they are also a practical gift that will remind people of you whenever they dry a plate.

But what makes tea towels from Vida Portuguesa stand out?

Beyond just being a souvenir, tea towels from this famous shop are locally made and sourced. They showcase the best of Portugal’s culture and design.

By supporting small businesses, A Vida Portuguesa works hard to elevate Portuguese companies and promote their excellent quality products, which have stood the test of time.

With beautiful and intricate designs, these tea towels can be used as decorative pieces in any home.

So, if you want to bring a piece of Portugal’s rich heritage back home, consider picking up a tea towel as a piece of Portugal’s unique story and culture that you can cherish for years.

Fish-themed Art Work

Colorful fish figurines from Portugal
Fish-themed Portuguese souvenirs are not only cute, they remind you of Portugal’s seafood culture.
Image courtesy: arousa from Getty Images via Canva Pro

When visiting Lisbon, fish-themed artwork is one of the most popular souvenirs from Portugal that you can bring home. 

Since Lisbon has a vibrant fishing port with a long maritime history and seafood-rich culinary culture, it’s often celebrated through paintings, textiles, or Portuguese ceramics depicting fish. 

You can find artwork featuring fish at Feira da Ladra – the Tuesday and Saturday flea market near the National Pantheon.

Local artisans sell crafts amidst antiques and flea market items at Feira da Ladra. You can get Portuguese fish-themed work for real cheap here.

Michelle of Intentional Travelers tells us that specialty shops like A Vida Portuguesa in Lisbon also have an inspiring selection of authentic Portuguese crafts including fish-themed ones.

Traditional Portuguese Ceramic Swallows

Ceramic swallows - a unique souvenir from Portugal
Image courtesy: Ana Luisa Dias from Getty Images via Canva Pro

Ceramic Swallows decorate numerous building exteriors in Portugal.

They’re authentic, yet one of the rarer Portuguese souvenirs.

Portuguese people use ceramic swallows in their homes. The swallows represent family and home, as well as love and loyalty.

You can find them all over Portugal, but especially in the Southern region known as the Algarve.

One of the best places to look for swallows is Olhao, a hidden gem in the Algarve. 

Spotting ceramic swallows is one of the best things to do in Olhão“, saysTina of Veganderlust.

You can turn it into a game and see who can spot the most swallows.

Then, to remember your trip, you can buy a ceramic swallow as a meaningful Portuguese souvenir to take home.

Every time you see it at home, you’ll be reminded of your beautiful holiday in Portugal and the family values of the Portuguese people. 

Portugal Rooster of Barcelos

The Barcelos Rooster - a favorite thing to buy in Portugal
Image courtesy: hjalmeida via Canva Pro

When deciding which souvenir to pick up in Portugal, consider getting yourself a Rooster of Barcelos

The Rooster of Barcelos is a famous symbol of Portugal and is very easy to take home as a gift. They come in all different sizes and colors!

You can buy the roosters in many boutique and souvenir shops around Portugal, but Lagos in the Algarve tends to have really great prices.

“The Barcelos Rooster has an interesting backstory“, says Samantha of Find Love and Travel.

A 17th-century tale that goes like this – a man was thought to have stolen some silver, but after being caught, he claimed he was innocent. He was later sentenced to be hanged, but before doing so, he pointed to a rooster and said that if the rooster crowed during his hanging, then he was innocent. 

Sure enough, the rooster crowed, and the man was freed. He miraculously survived due to a loose knot!

Over time, the story has been changed and adapted, but the main story remains the same. 

Portuguese Souvenir Trams

Tiny Portuguese souvenir trams
If you’re looking for traditional Portuguese souvenirs that are also cheap, get yourself a miniature tram gift from Portugal.
Image courtesy: Josh of A Backpacker’s World

Many cities in Portugal and around Europe are known for their trams. But no city is more iconic than Lisbon, especially with its famous Tram 28 route

One of the best ways to remember Lisbon is by taking one of the trams home for yourself.

Of course, not a full-sized tram but a miniature metal Portuguese souvenir tram.

Josh of A Backpacker’s World feels the Portuguese souvenir tram is a lovely keepsake and makes for the perfect space-filler on a coffee table, shelf, or just about anywhere. 

You can find them in pretty much any souvenir shop in Lisbon (and throughout Portugal).

Expect to pay around €5 for a souvenir tram. Most souvenir shops sell the same items, so make sure you aren’t ripped off.

It’s also possible to buy them from street sellers.

Usually, they will be cheaper, which is good if you are traveling on a budget, but sometimes the quality isn’t as good. Only sometimes, though! So definitely take a look if you see someone selling in the streets.

Lisbon and trams go hand in hand, and a tram souvenir from Portugal is one of the best ways to remember your trip.

Best Portuguese Souvenirs for Foodies – Famous Portugal Food

Pasteis de Nata – Best Food Gift from Portugal

Portuguese Pasteis de Belem are one of the most sought after desserts in the world
A box of Pasteis de Belem is a wonderful gift from Portugal.

A box of Pasteis de Nata is a wonderful gift from Portugal.

These tiny custard tarts are not just delicious; they also give us a piece of Portugal’s rich culinary heritage.

Pasteis de Nata, or Portuguese egg tarts, with their crisp, flaky pastry and creamy centers, are a popular Portuguese pastry. They make for a delightful treat any time of the day.

Gifting a box of Pasteis de Nata is like offering a taste of Portugal itself, making it an excellent Portugal souvenir for food enthusiasts.

When it comes to purchasing the best Pasteis de Nata in Portugal, Lisbon’s Belem district takes the crown.

The iconic Pasteis de Belem bakery, founded in 1837, is renowned for its secret family recipe, which has been guarded for generations. People often queue for these scrumptious pastries, but the taste is well worth the wait.

Another popular destination is Manteigaria, located in Lisbon’s Time Out Market. Known for its crispy, buttery crusts, and creamy custard centers, the Pasteis de Nata is baked fresh throughout the day. There’s a Manteigaria in Porto, too.

In Porto, the famed Nata Lisboa is the go-to place. Their Pasteis de Nata, served warm and dusted with cinnamon, is too delicious to miss.

Pro Tip: Want to make your very own Pastel de Nata in Portugal? Try this highly recommended Pastel de Nata Baking Class in Lisbon.


Poncha drinks make for an interesting Portuguese souvenir
Get a bottle of poncha if you’re looking for unique food gifts from Portugal.
Image courtesy: Joanna of The World In My Pocket

Poncha is an alcoholic drink from the island of Madeira in Portugal. 

It is a locally produced drink with a base of aguardente (a distilled rum from Madeira), mixed with honey and sugar and typically flavored with freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice. 

The mix is stirred or shaken to achieve a well-blended consistency. 

You may be surprised to know that the famous Brazilian Caipirinha is actually based on the Madeiran Poncha.

Poncha is the best way to end an evening after you’ve indulged in some of Madeira’s traditional foods at one of the many tiny bars in Funchal. 

“I recommend buying a bottle of Poncha as a souvenir to remember your holiday in Madeira“, says Joanna of The World In My Pocket.

You’ll find Poncha bottles at the Portuguese souvenir shops in Funchal.

They are also available duty-free at the airport, so you don’t need to worry if you are traveling to Madeira with hand luggage only.

Chocolate de Salame

A bar of chocolate salami - a wonderful Portuguese gift for foodies
Image courtesy: TheCrimsonMonkey from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

Chocolate de Salame is a traditional Portuguese dessert.

It is called “chocolate salami” in English, and it is easy to see why. Chocolate de Salame is salami-shaped, and with a dark chocolate base and white biscuit, each slice even looks like salami.

The dessert is made with cocoa, broken biscuits, butter, and sometimes Port.

It is not baked, has a soft texture, and is decadent. 

Kristin of Scotland Less Explored feels that chocolate de salame is the perfect gift from Portugal for anyone with a sweet tooth. She has bought it so many times when visiting Portugal that she has lost count of it.

The best place to buy Chocolate de Salame is in a local supermarket, but don’t just go for the cheapest. You can really tell the difference in the quality of the ingredients depending on the price.

Another thing to remember is that they are usually around 30 cm long and quite heavy, so make sure you have room in your suitcase to bring one home from Portugal.

Port Wine – Famous Gift from Portugal

Port Wine in Portugal
A guided Port Wine tour includes a visit to the cellar followed by tastings.
Image courtesy: Izzy of The Gap Decaders

One of the top souvenirs from Portugal has to be Port, a Portuguese fortified wine synonymous with the beautiful city of Porto.

If you’re taking a Portuguese road trip, then the vineyards of the Douro Valley in northern Portugal make a great stop.

Here, you can visit the wineries and see how Port is produced using the Solaria method. 

This method means that the newest Port is slowly, over decades, mixed with the oldest Port in layers of barrels.

Therefore, Port has a small amount that is very old so that the winemaker can guarantee taste and consistency.

Izzy of The Gap Decaders tells us that a vineyard visit in Portugal usually involves a bodega tour where Port is made and stored in barrels, followed by a tasting. 

Tastings can usually be booked with local foods that complement the Port, making for an even better experience.

Each port house has different varieties of Port, and you typically get to taste them all before buying a bottle or two of whatever you enjoy the most as a souvenir of your Portugal trip.

Pro Tip: Want to taste varieties of Port before buying the best kind? Try this Pocas Guide Tour and Wine Tasting in Porto.

Ginjinha from Portugal

Ginjinha shop in Portugal
A sour, cherry liquer called Ginjinha is one of the best souvenirs to buy in Portugal.
Image courtesy: Melissa of Mountains & Mahals

When visiting Portugal, many people think of Port as the local drink of choice.

However, there is another traditional Portuguese drink you should try during your travels – Ginjinha

Ginjinha is a sour cherry liqueur typically served in a shot-sized cup and often garnished with a cherry.

Ginjinha is especially popular in Alcobaça, which is known for its cherry orchards.

The unique variety of ‘ginja’ (the Portuguese word for sour cherry) used in Ginjinha is predominantly harvested in this region, making it essential to the drink’s authentic flavor. 

Melissa of Mountains & Mahals believes that the best place to get your hands on some Ginjinha is Obidos, a walled medieval town only 40 minutes from Nazare and just over an hour north of Lisbon.

Here, Ginjinha is often served in chocolate cups or infused with local spices, offering a unique take on the traditional drink.

Remember, for any wine or alcohol you’re bringing back to the US, you can pack up to two bottles in your checked luggage without needing to declare anything for customs.

Cha Gorreana Tea 

Cha Gorreana Tea - a unique souvenir from Portugal
Have you heard of Cha Gorreana Tea? It is one of the most unusual things to buy in Portugal.
Image courtesy: Ada of Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

When you think of drinks Portugal is known for, you probably think of Port and wine rather than tea.

But while you might not associate Portugal with tea drinking, Portugal’s Azores, an archipelago located about 1000 miles off Portugal’s mainland in the middle of the North Atlantic, is the only place in Europe with a climate supporting tea cultivation.

Cha Gorreana, on Sao Miguel Island, has been growing tea since 1883.

Not only does Cha Gorreana tea make an excellent lightweight Portugal souvenir, but it’s also delicious.

They offer a variety of traditional black teas, green teas, and unique blends like their brain health teas. You’ll find the tea in any Azores gift shop and online.

“The best way to buy Cha Gorreana tea is to tour the plantation on the north side of Sao Miguel and pick up your Cha Gorreana tea from their on-site shop”, says Ada of Beyond the Yellow Brick Road.

During your visit, you can hike through the tea fields, tour the production facilities, and sample teas in their cafe. 

Canned Sardines – Unique Portuguese Souvenir

Canned sardines - a quintessential Portuguese souvenir
A tin of sardines is one of the most unique Portuguese souvenirs. You will not find something like this anywhere else in the world.
Image courtesy: Jorge Franganillo via Wikimedia Commons

Canned sardines are a quintessential Portuguese souvenir. They are a staple in the local diet and represent the country’s rich seafood culture.

People in Portugal have been eating sardines ever since civilization began in this area.

If you ever visit Lisbon in spring, be sure to try the delectable grilled sardines during the Santo Antonio Festival (June 13th).

Portuguese canned sardines are known for their superior quality, packed fresh, and combined with various flavorful sauces or spices.

The process of canning sardines in Portugal has been around for over a century.

There are entire factories dedicated just for this purpose. Conservas Pinhais is one such factory that has been producing tinned sardines since 1920.

Packaging is often artistic and colorful, making them visually appealing.

Their long shelf life and compact size make them an easy and practical keepsake from Portugal to bring home.

If you’re looking for the finest canned sardines in Portugal, head straight to Conserveira de Lisboa in Lisbon. This traditional store, operating since 1930, is renowned for its wide array of high-quality canned seafood, with sardines being the star product.

Pro Tip: Learn how sardines are processed and canned in this immersive factory tour of Conservas Pinhais.

Where to buy the best Portuguese souvenirs in Lisbon?

A great place to buy the best souvenirs from Lisbon Portugal is A Vida Portuguesa. This charming brand specializes in products made in Portugal, ranging from soaps and candles to canned goods and textiles.

For food enthusiasts, Conserveira de Lisboa, for their canned sardines, is a must-visit. And, of course, Pasteis de Belem in the Belem district for their delicious egg tarts.

Pelcor in Principle Real is well-known for its innovative and authentic cork products.

Don’t forget to explore the Baixa district, known for its variety of shops selling everything from Portugal cork products to gold jewelry.

If you’re looking to buy cheap souvenirs from Lisbon Portugal, head to Feira da Ladra, or the “Thieves Market”. It happens every Tuesday and Saturday, beside the National Pantheon in Alfama. You can find everything from traditional Portugal ceramics to vintage postcards here.

One quick thing to note is that buying Portuguese tiles at Feira da Ladra is not a good idea because they are often stolen from heritage buildings and monuments. If you want to buy traditional Portuguese tiles and ceramic products, head to Vista Alegre in Chiado Lisbon instead.

The tourism office in Lisbon also runs a store called the Lisboa Shop in Baixa where you’ll find everything from tiles, porcelain, cork, and Portuguese embroidery. They also offer a 10% discount if you have a Lisbon Card.

Pro Tip: Reserve one full day for shopping in Lisbon with this private shopping tour.

Ceramic plate souvenirs from Portugal
The best souvenirs from Portugal come in all shapes, sizes, and budgets.

Where to buy the best Portuguese souvenirs in Porto?

The second largest city of Portugal, Porto, is a part of most Portugal itineraries.

Head to Rua Santa Catarina, Porto’s main shopping street, for popular Portuguese stuff such as Port wine and cork products.

Harry Potter fans and book enthusiasts will love to buy a book from Livraria Lello. The bookstore is also one of the world’s oldest bookstores and an architectural beauty.

Mercado do Bolhao, an iconic city market, is a must-visit for food lovers wanting to bring home famous Portugal food such cheeses, sausages, and jams.

A Vida Portuguesa also has a branch in Porto, offering an extensive array of authentic, Portuguese-made products.

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If you want to buy authentic Portuguese souvenirs from Portugal, grab this epic Portuguese souvenirs list with the 16 best things to buy in Portugal and the best places to buy these traditional Portugal products.

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