Planning an Obidos day trip from Lisbon? Check out this epic Lisbon to Obidos day trip guide and plan a memorable Obidos trip by public transport.

How To Do A Day Trip To Obidos From Lisbon By Public Transport

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Planning a day trip from Lisbon to Obidos? Looking for the best public transport options to do it? You have come to the right place. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to planning the best Obidos day trip by bus. Buses are the best public transport option between Lisbon and Obidos. Trains – not so much.

When I first visited Obidos from Lisbon, I went by bus. It was super convenient and cheap. 

Through this travel guide, I want to help you plan that fantastic Lisbon to Obidos day trip, which will allow you to see the best of Obidos and be affordable at the same time.

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How to get to Obidos from Lisbon by public transport?

Day Trip from Lisbon to Obidos by Bus or Train

When evaluating public transport options between Lisbon and Obidos, we realized we had two choices – bus or train. 

However, as you read through, you will realize that the train is not really the most efficient way to get from Lisbon to Obidos

Taking a bus is the best way to do your Lisbon to Obidos day trip.

Charming lanes of Obidos Portugal
When you visit Obidos on a day trip, do not miss stepping into its charming lanes dotted with colorful houses.

Lisbon to Obidos by Train

The train is the most inefficient way to travel to Obidos from Lisbon. 

I don’t recommend it for a day trip to Obidos, but it is great if you want to make stops and see more of the Portuguese countryside on your journey.

The train journey takes 2.5-3 hours and involves a couple of transfers. 

Trains are very infrequent on this route and not scheduled at convenient times. Check out the train schedules on the OMIO website here.

✦ What is OMIO? OMIO is my favorite app for booking train tickets in Europe. Its English interface saves me the hassle of dealing with Google-translated sites. Plus, I have all my tickets in one place.

Board the train at the Santa Apolonia (Google Maps) or Entrecampos (Google Maps) stations in Lisbon and switch trains at Mira Sintra-Melecas and Torres Vedras.

Colorful house of Obidos
Blue and yellow are two predominant colors that will greet you in Obidos.

Lisbon to Obidos by Bus

The bus is the cheapest and best way to get to Obidos from Lisbon. 

Rodoviaria do Oeste is the bus company that services the route between Lisbon Campo Grande (Google Maps) and Obidos.

Buses are frequent – every hour on weekdays and less frequent on weekends. 

The bus journey from Lisbon to Obidos takes only an hour – much shorter than the train.

Tickets cost €8 – you can only buy tickets from the driver. So keep some cash ready.

We took the bus the first time we visited Obidos from Lisbon, and it was pretty comfortable. If you can leave as early as 7:00 am, you will get to Obidos before the majority of other day trippers. 

People walking on the streets of Obidos
If you’re visiting Obidos for the first time, it is always good to visit on a guided tour.

Obidos Day Trip by Guided Tour

I did my second Obidos day trip on this guided tour, which was fab. 

I did this tour mainly because I wanted to see a couple of other places, including Batalha and Nazare, during the day trip, and this tour provided just the right combination of places

This tour saved me the hassle of figuring out the logistics on my own. 

We had a small group of travelers on this tour. So, that added to the fun.

Like me, you can also visit Obidos on a full-day tour from Lisbon. These tours usually include other beautiful places in Portugal with Obidos. So, it is a great way to tick some of the most coveted destinations off your Portugal bucket list

Here are a few other excellent Lisbon Obidos day tour options.

Drive to Obidos from Lisbon

Sure, you can rent a car and drive from Lisbon to Obidos. Take the A8 highway (there’s a toll on this route) and get to Obidos in less than an hour.

Driving a car or getting a taxi is the most convenient way to get to Obidos from Lisbon.

But if you’re not driving or looking for a more budget-friendly option, the bus from Lisbon to Obidos is the best option.

Remember to park your car outside the city walls in front of the medieval aqueduct. 

Medieval aqueduct in Obidos
The medieval aqueduct stands guard at the main entrance to Obidos.

Best Things to Do on a Day Trip to Obidos

Stroll through the quaint streets of Obidos

Rua Direita - the main street of Obidos
Walking through Rua Direita, the main street of Obidos, is a beautiful experience.

Begin your Obidos day trip by strolling through the charming streets of the medieval European town.

The streets of Obidos are among the prettiest I have seen in Europe. They are lined with white houses with blue and yellow borders draped with hot pink bougainvillea and colorful geraniums. 

Take a look at my wanderlust-inspiring Obidos photographs to pack your bags now.

The main street, Rua Direita, is where all the action takes place. It is full of cafes, restaurants, and pretty boutique shops.

Author admiring the beauty and colors of Obidos
All I do whenever I visit Obidos is wander at the beauty and colors surrounding me.

But feel free to venture into the narrow alleys for a calmer experience.

When beginning your walk, be sure to admire the beautiful 18th-century azulejo tiles at Porta da Vila, the main entrance to Obidos. 

Pro Tip: If you want your walk to be more insightful, join this Medieval Tales and Secret Spots Walking Tour of ObidosThis tour gives you a holistic idea of all things Obidos, and the best part is that they operate at three different times: 11:00 am, 2:30 pm, and 4:30 pm. So you can choose the one that fits your schedule.

Explore the Medieval Castle of Obidos 

Obidos Castle
The medieval castle in Obidos is now a luxurious pousada (hotel).

One of the most iconic landmarks of Obidos is its well-preserved medieval castle

Walk along the castle’s ramparts and towers, enjoying panoramic views of the town and its surroundings. 

Unfortunately, the castle is not open to visitors. But it has been converted into a luxurious pousada (hotel)

If you’re looking for a unique hotel experience in Portugal, stay at Pousada Castelo de Obidos for a night.

Step into a beautiful Obidos church

Santa Maria Church in Obidos
Be sure to step inside the plain-looking Santa Maria Church on your day trip to Obidos because the main treasure is inside.

Obidos has many beautiful churches. The Church of Santa Maria, Misericordia Church, and the Church of Sao Pedro are some of the most popular.

The Church of Santa Maria is known for its beautiful azulejo-covered walls and frescoed ceiling. The altar is also beautifully adorned. 

Be sure to notice the cute water spout attached to a stunning blue tile wall.

Sample the Local Ginja

Obidos is famous for its cherry liqueur, Ginja, which dates back to the 17th century.

Sample this sweet and sour drink, traditionally served in a chocolate cup that can be eaten afterward. You can also buy some of it as a gift from Portugal.

You will find many spots on Rua Direita serving Ginja.

See the original paintings of Josefa de Obidos

Paintings at Obidos Municipal Museum
The Municipal Museum is a great place to see paintings by famous Portuguese artists.

Josefa de Obidos was a renowned Portuguese female artist from the 17th century who painted excellent Baroque pieces. 

Many of Josefa’s works were religious and depicted female religious figures. She is still one of Obidos’ most coveted artists, and some of her art can be seen at the Municipal Museum of Obidos.

The museum also houses paintings by Andre Reinoso, another famous painter from the 17th century.

Browse the Local Bookshops

A unique bookshop in Obidos
This unique Obidos bookshop is housed inside a private chapel.

Obidos has been designated a UNESCO City of Literature and is home to several charming bookshops, some located within historic buildings. 

Whether you’re a book lover or not, exploring these bookshops is an absolute delight on every Obidos day trip.

One of Obidos’ most unique bookshops is the Church of St. James, which was once a private chapel but is now a bookstore.

Unique Things to Do on an Obidos Day Tour

The streets of Obidos
The streets of Obidos are full of fun and frolic during festivals.

Attend the Obidos Medieval Fair

If you’re visiting in July, attend the Medieval Fair, where Obidos transforms into a lively medieval marketplace, hosting jousting tournaments, medieval music, and traditional food and drinks.

Visit the Obidos Chocolate Festival

If you love chocolate, you’ll enjoy the annual Obidos Chocolate Festival in spring. You can taste delectable chocolate creations there, learn new chocolate recipes, and participate in chocolate workshops and competitions.

Obidos Portugal
Obidos is a beautiful town in Central Portugal that’s today worth a day trip from Lisbon.

Is an Obidos day trip from Lisbon worth it?

Yes, a day trip to Obidos from Lisbon is totally worth it. This charming medieval town offers a beautiful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the capital city. You can walk through Obidos’ cobblestone streets, marvel at its historic architecture, and savor local food and drinks. 

Further, Obidos is just an hour away from Lisbon, which makes it an easy day trip, unlike a day trip to Porto, which I strongly advise against.

Pretty window draped in leaves in Obidos
Picturesque scenes like these are abundant in Obidos.

Travel Tips for a Day Trip to Obidos

  • The streets of Obidos are cobbled and slippery. Remember to put on your best walking shoes for the Obidos day trip. 

  • If you prefer public transport, the best way to get to Obidos from Lisbon is by bus, not train. Otherwise, rent a car or hire a taxi.

  • Guided tours are a great way to visit Obidos from Lisbon. But they usually include a couple more stops like Fatima and Batalha. If you prefer to spend a whole day in Obidos, go on your own.

  • Be sure to try the local cherry liqueur, Ginja, and see the paintings by famous artist Josefa de Obidos. Both are local to Obidos.

  • Obidos is a UNESCO City of Literature with many interesting bookshops. Remember to step into one. 

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Planning an Obidos day trip from Lisbon? Check out this epic Lisbon to Obidos day trip guide and plan a memorable Obidos trip by public transport.

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