Traveling to Munich Germany? Here are 25 best things to do in Munich that are totally unmissable. Be it stepping into a medieval church, enjoying a mug of beer, or touching a sea anemone, this amazing Munich bucket list has something for everyone. Be sure to add these amazing Munich things to do to your Munich itinerary and enjoy your trip to Munich. #Munich #Germany

25 Best Places To Visit In Munich Germany + Interactive Map

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Traveling to Munich and not sure what to do? Looking for a list of the most beautiful places to visit in Munich Germany? Keen to find out what are the best Munich attractions that you should not miss? You are in luck because we have the just the perfect guide for you!

Munich is an amazing city filled with food, art, culture, nature, and of course a ton of history. There are so many wonderful places to visit in Munich that you will find yourself running short of time.

Munich was the first stop on my 10-day Germany itinerary. Even though I was full of enthusiasm and stuffed multiple tourist places into my 2-day Munich itinerary, I barely scratched the surface.

The city’s beautiful architecture, resplendent palaces, magnificent churches, and an interesting history (that is outright bone-chilling at times) keep calling me back. Honestly, I can go back and spend a couple of weeks in the city and not be done with all of Munich’s beautiful places.

To make it a little less overwhelming for you, I have created this ultimate Munich travel guide. In this post, you will find everything you need to plan your trip to this historic city including a list of the best places to visit in Munich, best places to stay, amazing tours, and easy travel options.

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25 Amazing places to visit in Munich

Traveling to Munich Germany? Here are 25 best things to do in Munich that are totally unmissable. Be it stepping into a medieval church, enjoying a mug of beer, or touching a sea anemone, this amazing Munich bucket list has something for everyone. Be sure to add these amazing Munich things to do to your Munich itinerary and enjoy your trip to Munich. #Munich #Germany
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Whether you are in Munich for one day or many, Marienplatz is the first place you should be stopping at. The historic center of Munich since 12th century, Marienplatz has been the venue of festivities, markets, and tournaments for nearly 1000 years now. Today, it is one the best sights to see in Munich.

Here you will find several important monuments such as the old and new town halls, a historic fish fountain, the Marian column which holds great religious importance, and the Glockenspiel – a mechanical clock that presents a free dance and joust show everyday.

There are several lovely restaurants and cafes in and around Marienplatz. It is the perfect place to start your day with pretzel, coffee, and a dip into German history.

I loved Marienplatz so much, I went ahead and wrote a dedicated guide for Marienplatz which I am sure you will love.

Neues Rathaus – New Town Hall

Location: Marienplatz

Facade of the New Town Hall in Munich
Stunning Gothic exterior of the New Town Hall in Munich

One of the most impressive places to visit in Munich is the New Town Hall or Neues Rathaus.

A very tall and long Gothic building, the New Town Hall was built between 1867 – 1909 when its old counterpart ran out of space. It is located right there on Marienplatz and is the most visible structure in the area. On its front wall, you will find the Glockenspiel.

The best part about Neues Rathaus is the observation deck at the top of the tower which provides some of the most beautiful views of central Munich. You will also be able to see the domes and steeples of iconic Munich churches – Peterskirche, Frauenkirche, and Theatinekirche.

What’s better is you don’t even need to climb steps to get there. Simply get on an elevator and you will be there in a jiffy! Check here for opening hours and admission.

Altes Rathaus – Old Town Hall

Location: Marienplatz

The old town hall (built in the 14th century) is just a minute away from the new one. After having undergone several changes in the 600 years of its existence, the Old Town Hall features designs from all kinds of architectural styles such as Renaissance, Baroque, and Gothic.

You will find some interesting statues on the façade – of Ludwig of Bavaria and Henry, the Lion. Enter if you wish to check out a historic toy museum filled with models of trains and doll houses. Kids will love this place.

It is always fun to discover Munich’s historic sights like the Altes Rathaus on a guided tour. Here are some of my favorite ones.

St. Peter’s Church – Peterskirche

Location: Rindermarkt 1

Alter Peter Tower in Munich
Crowds on top of Alter Peter in Munich

Munich has some of the most beautiful churches in Europe. And one of my favorites is St. Peter’s Church right by the side of Marienplatz.

A 12th-century Roman Catholic church, Peterskirche is the oldest in Munich. It was rebuilt and renovated several times following the fire of 1368 and the Second World War which is why you will now see a Gothic structure complete with a Baroque high altar and some beautiful ceiling frescoes in the Rococo style.

St. Peter’s has a tall tower that you can climb up to get some stunning views of the city. Locals fondly refer to this 300ft tower as Alter Peter or Old Pete and it is one of Munich’s most remarkable landmarks.

Munich Cathedral – Frauenkirche

Location: Frauenplatz 12

Munich Cathedral - Largest in the city

Next up on our Munich bucket list of beautiful sights is another one of Munich’s beautiful churches known as Frauenkirche. This is the largest church in the city and also the Munich Cathedral.

If you have ever seen a picture of Munich with an orange-roofed Gothic church serenaded by two tall towers with green onion domes, then you must know I am talking of Frauenkirche.

Located only a stone’s throw away from Marienplatz, Frauenkirche is one of the most popular places to visit in Munich. And that is because it is home to the famous and intriguing Devil’s Footprint that you will find here. Other unmissable highlights include the Wittelsbach Monument and 20 chapels dedicated to various saints, apostles, and even merchant guilds.

Also read: 11 Beautiful churches of Munich that you need to visit

Medieval Town Gates

Did you know there were medieval gates in Munich? I had no idea when I first visited.

Apparently, Munich had 7 town gates in the medieval times, 3 of which still survive. They are called Karlstor, Isartor, and Sendlingertor. You can reach all of them within minutes of walking from Marienplatz. (Find directions in the interactive map below)


Location: Viktualienmarkt 3, 2-min walk from St. Peter’s Church

Garden dolls at Viktualienmarkt in Munich

Fan of fresh, local produce or looking to pick some souvenirs? Stop by the Victuals Market (Viktualienmarkt) in Munich.

One of the best places to visit in Munich, the Viktualienmarkt is a treasure trove of everything German. Fruits, flowers, herbs, wine, sausages, and even garden dolls – you will find literally everything you want at the Victuals Market.

There are many good restaurants around if you are looking for a quick bite or an elaborate lunch. Two of my favorite places are Sababa and The Munich Soup Kitchen.

If you would like to explore the culinary delights of Viktualienmarkt on a guided tour, here are a couple of highly recommended ones.

Hofbrauhaus Beer Hall

Location: Platzl 9, 5-min walk from Marienplatz

Munich largest and most famous beer hall – Hofbrauhaus – is only a 5-min walk from Marienplatz. It was built in the late 16th century by a Bavarian Duke and hence, is more than 400 years old.

They serve different types of Hofbrau beers – Original, Dunkel, and Oktoberfestibier – and the Munchner Weisse. Plus, they have a full food authentic Bavarian menu if you are hungry. With an oompah band playing in the background and lederhosen-clad waiters milling around, the experience at Hofbrauhaus Beer Hall is as German as it gets.

That said, this place can get a little touristy and crowded during the day. But you know what they are open throughout the year – 9am – midnight!

Apart from being a quintessential beer hall, Hofbrauhaus also has a dark history that not many people will tell you about. In February 1920, Hitler presented the 25-point program in the Hofbrauhaus Festival Hall which eventually gave birth to the Nazi party. It was also here that Hitler first condemned the Jews and threatened to strip them of their rights.

Munich Residenz

Location: Residenstrasse 1, 2-mins from Odeonplatz

Munich Residenz Antiquarium

Visiting Munich Residenz was the highlight of my 2-day Munich itinerary. I had been so looking forward to check out this beautiful German palace and honestly, it went beyond all my expectations.

Munich Residenz was the official home of the Royal Wittelsbach family for 400 long years. It consists of 130 rooms, 10 courtyards, a church, and a theater. In short, the palace is huge and can take you an entire day to explore it all.

But if you are on a short trip like us, I suggest you check out The Hall of Antiquities (pictured here – it is even better than it seems in my photograph), The Treasury (for a glittery display of royal jewelry), and the Cuvilles Theater (where Mozart performed Idomeneo for the first time). You can even attend a gala concert at Cuvilles.

It is hard to believe that such a colossal palace complex exists in the center of a bustling city like Munich. But it is right there – only a 5-minute walk from Marienplatz.

Field Marshall’s Hall – Feldherrnhalle

Location: Odeonplatz

Munich Feldherrnhalle or Field Marshalls Hall

Feldherrnhalle or the Field Marshall’s Hall is a big hall on Odeonplatz with three prominent arches.

Doesn’t it remind you of the famous Loggia dei Lanzi beside Uffizi Gallery in Florence? That is because Feldherrnhalle was inspired (and was in fact a copy of) by Loggia dei Lanzi. Built between 1841 – 1844 on the orders of King Ludwig I who was an avid admirer of Italian art and architecture, it is not difficult to guess why!

Feldherrnhalle is a unique Munich landmark that features sculptures of brave Bavarian commanders and two bronze lions. However, what makes it different is its connection with Germany’s Nazi past.

It was here in Feldherrnhalle that Hitler’s coup attempt in November 1923 was foiled. When Hitler eventually came to power, the Field Marshall’s Hall became a Nazi party icon. People who wanted to pass in front of it had to perform the Nazi salute.

Today, the hall is a great place to relax and people-watch after a long day of sightseeing Munich’s best places. Yet, it hides some of the worst nightmares of European history!

Are you a WW2 history buff? You are going to love these Third Reich guided tours in Munich.

Theatine Church – Theatinekirche

Location: Odeonplatz

Theatine Church - one of the best places to visit in Munich

Right next to Feldherrnhalle is an impressive, yellow-colored Catholic church called the Theatinekirche.

Built in the High Baroque style and inspired by a minor basilica in Rome, Theatine Church is a head-turner and almost tops my list of the best places to visit in Munich. Its Rococo façade and two tall towers bordering it are the most remarkable. The bright yellow color adds an extra Mediterranean flair to the monument.

If you ever feel depressed by the dull brown color and WW II stories of Feldherrnhalle, just hop into Theatinekirche on your right. It will definitely bring a smile to your lips.

Alte Pinakothek Museum

Location: Barer Strasse 27

One of the largest art galleries in the world, Alte Pinakothek or Old Pinakothek boasts of a fine collection of paintings by European masters, all dated between 14th – 18th century.

The museum was founded by Ludwig I of Bavaria in 1836 and the private collection of the Wittelsbach monarchs formed the core of Alte Pinakothek. Some of the most unmissable paintings at the museum include self portraits by Rembrandt and Albrecht Durer, & Virgin and Child by Leonardo da Vinci.

Alte Pinakothek suffered considerable damage during WW2 and wasn’t restored until 1957. Luckily, however, much of its collection had been removed and stacked away in safety as early as 1939. Thanks to this foresightedness of the museum authorities, we are still able to enjoy such amazing art from the medieval times.

Pinakothek der Modern

Location: Barer Strasse 40, 3-min away from Alte Pinakothek

Are you a fan of modern art? Then Munich has the perfect place for you to visit – its vast contemporary art museum – Pinakothek der Modern.

Opened to the public in 2002, the museum building itself is impressive with large windows and high rise columns. Each corner of the building houses a different collection – art, design, works on paper, and architecture.

Asam Church – Asamkirche

Location: Sendlinger St. 32

Asam Church in Munich Germany - one of the best places to visit in Munich
Image courtesy: Canva Pro

Asamkirche is, by far, the prettiest church I have seen in Munich. Even though the façade is nothing remarkable, the inside of the church is gorgeous. Do not miss the ceiling fresco that depicts the life of Saint John Nepomuk. It is an absolute masterpiece.

The Asam Church was built by Asam brothers in early 18th century. It was meant to be a private chapel for the brothers (a painter and a sculptor who painted several other churches in Munich) but was later opened to the public.

Ruhmeshalle with Bavaria Statue

Location: Theresienhöhe 16

One of the most iconic attractions of Munich, but not a very popular one, is the ensemble of Bavaria and Ruhmeshalle located near Theresienwiese, the venue of the famous beer festival Oktoberfest.

The ensemble includes a colossal bronze statue of Bavaria, the patroness of Bavarian state, and a Hall of Fame (Ruhmeshalle) commissioned by King Ludwig I. Ruhmeshalle is dedicated to the great men of Bavaria and is filled with marble busts of famous Bavarians including the artist Albrecht Durer.

If you love visiting halls of fame, check out Walhalla near Regensburg Germany. That is another iconic one.

English Garden

English Garden - one of the best places to visit in Munich
Image courtesy: f9photos via Canva Pro

Englischer Garten or English Garden is a huge public park located in northeast Munich. It rivals New York’s Central Park and London’s Hyde Park in size – in fact I have heard it is bigger than the two of them.

There’s lots of interesting things to do at Englischer Garten including biergarten hopping. There are 4 beer gardens inside the park and The Seehaus at Kleinhesseloher See is the most famous.

Apart from running, jumping, and picnicking in the open green spaces of English Garden, be sure to check out some interesting monuments such as the Japanese Tea House, a Chinese Tower, and the Monopteros, a round Greek temple.

Olympiapark or Olympic Park of Munich

Location: Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21

View of tent roof of Olympia Park in Munich
Image courtesy: Getty Images via Canva Pro

Munich’s Olympiapark was built to host the 1972 Olympic games. Now the huge recreational park serves as a destination for sports and cultural events.

Of special interest is the tent-like roof that is an architectural delight. Today, you can participate in a roof climb activity and combine that with abseiling or flying fox experiences. Find more exciting activities and guided tours at Olympiapark here.

Sea Life Munich

Location: Olympiapark

Discover life under water at Sea Life Munich, a large aquarium that is home to more than 4500 animals in 33 displays.

They have the largest variety of sharks in Germany and a brand new tropical island. Visitors love their fish feeding time and the touch pool where you can actually feel a sea anemone in your hands. If you are visiting Munich with kids, Sea Life is the perfect place to be.

Be sure to book your Sea Life skip-the-line day ticket online to avoid queues.

BMW Welt & Museum

Location: Olympiapark

Automobile fans will love checking out vehicle exhibitions at BMW Welt and Museum located right next to Munich’s Olympiapark. Even the building’s futuristic architecture is ever so appealing.

You can choose to visit the exhibitions in BMW Welt, take a guided tour to learn more about the history of the company, or experience behind the scenes at the BMW Plant. Click here to learn more about their guided tours.

Deutches Museum

Location: Museumsinsel 1

Deutsches Museum Munich - the best place for science and technology geeks

Munich is the city of museums and one of the most amazing ones is the Deutsches Museum located not very far away from the historic center of Marienplatz.

It is a huge science museum (one of the largest in the world) with 35 different sections focusing on everything that you can think of. There are sections on astronomy, ceramics, computers, glass-blowing, technical toys, and what not! There’s also a kid’s section as well as a planetarium for some fun family time in Munich.

If you are science and technology geek or have a family/group full of them, plan to spend at least half-a-day at the Deutsches Museum in Munich. We were there for a couple of hours and honestly, I don’t think we saw anything at all. There was just so much to explore.

Find more information on exhibits, hours, and admission visit the official website of Deutsches Museum here.

Bavarian National Museum

Location: Prinzregentenstraße 3

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Munich, Bavarian National Museum is home to a rich collection of European art spanning over 2000 years.

Paintings, sculptures, porcelain, furniture, carvings, and musical instruments – get read to get a comprehensive tour of European art and culture here. Check here for opening hours and tickets.

NS-Documentation Center in Munich

Location: Konigsplatz

Keen to learn more about the history of National Socialism, a force that changed the face of the world? Head to Munich Documentation Center on Konigsplatz.

Built on the site of the former headquarters of the Nazi Party, the Documentation Center gives you a deeper look into the history of NSDAP and the role of Munich as its birthplace.

The permanent exhibition “Munich and National Socialism”, aided by photographs, documents, and media, is insightful and thought-provoking. Various temporary exhibitions touching upon different aspects of the Nazi regime are held throughout the year. Refer to the Documentation Center website for exhibition details and hours.

If you are a history geek and planning to visit the most iconic WW2 sites in Germany, Munich Documentation Center is a good place to start.

Beer and Oktoberfest Museum

Location: Sternecker Strasse 2

Are you in Munich not just to drink all that beer but also to learn a little about the story of beer and trace its origins?

Beer and Oktoberfest Museum in Munich is the best place to go to. Located on Sternecker Strasse 2, it is just a 5 minutes walk from Marienplatz.

Nymphenburg Palace & Gardens

Location: Nymphenburg

Nymphenburg Palace and Gardens

Schloss Nymphenburg is one of the prettiest German palaces I have been to. Resplendent palace rooms, a carefully-manicured garden as huge as the one at Versailles, and several museums on site make Nymphenburg Palace one of the most attractive places to visit in Munich.

It is located in the western fringes of Munich city and makes for a great half-day trip from Munich. If you are short on time, be sure to check out the Stone Hall and the Beauty Gallery of King Ludwig I. Do not miss walking through the gardens and checking out those pretty tea houses, bathing places (Badenburg is so cute), and hunting lodges (check out the Rococo-styled Amalienburg).

Find opening hours and admission on the official website here.

Also read: 18 Stunning palaces and castles to visit in Germany

Schleissheim Palace Complex

Location: Oberschleissheim

Another great place to visit in Munich that I, unfortunately could not explore on my last Germany trip, is Schloss Schleissheim. Located in a suburb near Munich, this is another pretty Bavarian palace and a stunning example of Baroque architecture.

Take a tour of the new and old palaces and wander through the Court Garden for a true feeling of royalty. Here is an amazing virtual tour of the palace that is enough to feed your wanderlust and make you want to pack your bags right now.

Check here for opening hours, admission, and photography restrictions.

Interactive map of best places to visit in Munich

Interactive map for best places to visit in Munich
Click on the map to open in Google maps and access directions to all these best places in Munich.

Practical information for visiting Munich

Best time to visit Munich

The best time to visit Munich is undoubtedly in spring and summer when the weather is pleasant. It is also the time Bavaria harvest its crop of white asparagus, also known as white gold. So, be ready to find it on menus everywhere and honestly, it is one of my favorite things to eat in Bavaria.

We visited in May and it was fun walking around during the day. At night, it often got a little chilly. So, I would advise carrying a jacket.

September – October is a great time if you are planning to attend Munich uber-famous Oktoberfest. And December is good (but cold) if you are a fan of German Christmas markets.

Remember that Munich gets super crowded during Oktoberfest as well as in summers. So, be sure to make your hotel reservations well in advance.

Best places to stay in Munich

The best place to stay in Munich Old Town because that will ensure you are close to most Munich attractions. Plus, you won’t be spending a lot of time traveling between places.

Here are some great places to stay in Munich Old Town or close-by for all budgets.

  • Hotel Eder: A cute, little, family-run place, Hotel Eder boasts of clean rooms, helpful staff, and a traditional German breakfast. They tend to fill up fast. So make sure you reserve your stay super soon.
  • Hotel ADRIA München: This is a great 3-star option with tasteful décor is not very close to Marienplatz but walkable (15minutes). Its bright red façade makes it one of the prettiest buildings on the street. Spacious rooms and friendly staff make it one of the best places to stay in Munich. Book your stay at Hotel ADRIA München here.
  • Hotel Torbrau: A historic, 4-star hotel in Old Town Munich, Hotel Torbrau is a cozy and friendly place to stay. You need to walk only 5 minutes to get to Marienplatz. Get a room at Hotel Torbrau here.

However, please keep in mind that staying in the city center is definitely going to cost more than elsewhere. So, if time and commute isn’t a constraint, please feel free to find more hotels in Munich here.

Big pretzel structure at Marienplatz in Munich

Getting to Munich

Franz Josef Strauss International Airport/Munich Airport is the closest airport to Munich city.

From Munich Airport, it is easy to get to the city center by train, bus, or taxi. Hop into an S-Bahn (S1/S8) to get to your destination. Or board the Lufthansa Express bus that is equipped with Wifi and newspapers.

If you are looking for a private transfer to or from the airport, then this one has great reviews.

Getting around Munich

You will notice that there are lots of amazing places to visit in and around Marienplatz in Munich. The best part is that you can easily walk to each and everyone of them. Frankly, if I am there in Munich for just one day, I would spend the entire day exploring Marienplatz and nearby, entirely on foot!

Munich’s hop-on hop-off bus tour is also a popular way of seeing the best of the city without having to walk. It is available in 1-day and 2-day versions.

On other days, when you need to travel to other Munich attractions such as the palaces of Nymphenburg and Schleissheim, Olympiapark and Sea Life, or the English Garden, I highly recommend using Munich’s public transport (goes by the acronym MVV).

The city has an efficient network of S-Bahn, U-Bahn, trams, and buses that make travel extremely convenient. We always got a MVV day ticket when we were planning ride the public transport multiple times in a day. Helped save some precious Euros!

Use MVV Journey Planner or the MVV App to plan all your local commutes. If you are looking for city cards and passes, check out the section on travel essentials below.

Munich travel FAQ

What should you not miss in Munich?

When in Munich, do not miss the history and architecture at Marienplatz, the open green spaces of Englischer Garten, the mindblowing frescoes and Rococo designs of Munich’s churches, and of course a mug of beer at the beer gardens.

What area of Munich is best to stay?

The best area to stay in Munich is the old town of Munich or Altstadt-Lehel in local language. Many of Munich’s best attractions are clustered around Altstadt-Lehel which makes traveling between places super convenient.

Is Munich worth visiting?

Munich, the capital city of Bavaria, is absolutely worth visiting for its history (both medieval and WW2), stunning churches such as the Frauenkirche and Asamkirche, Bavarian food and beer. Munich also makes for a great springboard for day trips to other beautiful places in Bavaria such as Neuschwanstein, Regensburg, and Berchtesgaden.

Is Munich a walkable city?

Munich’s Old Town is very walkable. If you are only visiting the monuments in and around Marienplatz (which is quite huge in itself), then you can do everything on foot. If you wish to venture a little away from the center, I suggest you use Munich’s efficient public transport.

Munich Germany Travel Essentials

  • Use Get Your Guide to find great deals and discounts on tours, attractions, and more across the city. I highly recommend it and use it all the time.
  • Public transport system in Munich is called MVV. If you are looking for inexpensive public transport within Munich and surrounding MVV districts, I highly recommend getting a single or group day ticket on MVV.
  • If you plan to do one or more day trips from Munich, use a Bayern Ticket. Read my complete Bayern Ticket guide to figure out the how, why, and where.
  • Find the best hotels in Munich Germany here.
  • Get a CityTourCard for Munich if you wish to see a lot when you are here. It offers you free public transport and discounts on several attractions.
  • I prefer to get a Turbopass for Munich because that covers a lot more of what I want to see in the city.

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Traveling to Munich Germany? Here are 25 best things to do in Munich that are totally unmissable. Be it stepping into a medieval church, enjoying a mug of beer, or touching a sea anemone, this amazing Munich bucket list has something for everyone. Be sure to add these amazing Munich things to do to your Munich itinerary and enjoy your trip to Munich. #Munich #Germany

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