10 Most Beautiful Cities In The American South That You Need To Visit

Given what is happening in the USA right now and my obsession with the new Netflix series, Sweet Magnolias, I could not help but remember my good old days in the American South. When I would go hopping from one beautiful city to another uncovering cultural treasures.

Believe it or not, Southern US is culturally rich because of the different kinds of people that have lived here over hundreds of years. It is rich because of the numerous customs and ways of life that have come together to create something unique – the Southern style of living.

As I fondly remember my Southern US escapades, I put together this list of the 10 most beautiful cities in the region for you to discover on your next trip to the USA.

13 Interesting Facts About Savannah, Georgia That You Did Not Know

Every time I visit a place, I learn so much about it. About its history, culture, food, language, and art. I have realized that finding more about a place before visiting it makes my trip so much more meaningful and memorable. Do you feel the same too?

That is why I love to write posts that talk about the history, culture, and hidden secrets of a place. After all, they give you such a different perspective when you really visit.

So, how could I miss writing about Savannah in Georgia USA. A town with a rich culture but a complex past. A town overflowing with southern charm yet having to deal with orbs and ghosts after nightfall.

Savannah was just perfect for my curious genes. Maybe it will be perfect for you too. Find out with this list of 13 rarely-known facts about Savannah. Go ahead, give it a read!

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