Red Sculpture Storm King in Summer

Storm King in Summer is The Best Place To Be

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The first time I saw Storm King was in a dreamy, romantic sequence in Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None”. Dev and Francesca walked through the exquisite fall foliage totally in love with each other and with the surroundings. After that, I could only imagine Storm King in the colors of autumn. My dream was to visit this amazing place during an amazing fall. So I was, obviously, not excited when we planned our first trip to the Storm King Art Center in the summer of 2017. At that point in time, it seemed like the most logical thing to do.

We were in New York City, the weather was great, and our little one was bubbling with energy. You can have a look at a detailed NYC itinerary here. However, I was not looking forward to it. The truth is, I was seriously amazed when I got there. In fact, I was spellbound. Storm King in summer can be an absolute treat for the eyes with its unending green pastures, pretty wildflowers, vibrant wildlife, and tall, dominating sculptures that almost graze the clear, blue sky.

Sculpture Storm King in Summer
“Mon Père” by Mark di Suvero

I have rambled so much about the beauty of this place. It is only fair that I start with a brief introduction to Storm King and its mission.

About Storm King

The Storm King Art Center is a renowned, outdoor sculpture museum located in New York State’s Hudson Valley. The Art Center comprises almost 500 acres of forests, open meadows, and rolling hills and more than 100 pieces of modern, contemporary art. In the background are the Storm King and the Schunnemunk Mountains to give you that extra feeling of being far far away.

The museum was founded and opened to the public in 1960. Since then, it has housed a number of contemporary art pieces, many of which are large-scale sculptures sited on the green meadows and open fields. Storm King aims to bring together art, nature, and people and nurture a vibrant bond between them.

The Red House Storm King in Summer
Red House

You can visit Storm King anytime between April to December. The park is closed during winter. Fall is often considered the best time to come here. But of late, summer is being heralded as the most lively time at Storm King. Storm King in Fall is definitely more romantic. But Storm King in Summer is more energetic, vibrant, and spirited. Here are some reasons why you would not want to miss going here in the summer.

1. An opportunity to view myriad flora and fauna

Storm King in Summer is the perfect abode for flora and fauna of many different kinds. You can find plenty of butterflies and Canadian geese. And if lucky, you might even sight a red-winged blackbird. The park is also home to deer, groundhogs, red foxes, coyotes, turkeys, red-tail hawks, and turtles.

Geese Storm King in Summer

Wildflower Storm King in Summer

It was an absolute delight for me to watch the wildflowers dance in the summer breeze while the butterflies labored hard to get their share of nectar without being blown away. It felt just so amazing to slide down the rolling, green hills and feel myself being a kid again. There was no rustle of dried brown leaves, only an inviting green carpet that went on for miles.

Butterfly Storm King in Summer

Rolling Hills Storm King in Summer

2. Longer hours and plenty of sunlight

Summer has more sunlight and hence more time to stroll, run, and jump around the place. Storm King has extended summer hours between May 25 – September 1 when the park is open until 8 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. You can have a detailed look at the visit times here.

The park is huge and is spread over a very large area. It is just impossible to see all of it in a day. The more the time you get here, the better. I wanted to spend a lot more time than I actually could. So, I dream of going back someday. It is always a great idea to do half of Storm King in summer and the other half in fall. And why not? See the best of both seasons.

Red and White Sculpture Storm King in Summer
“One” by George Sugarman
3. The perfect playground for kids

Summer is the perfect time to visit Storm King with kids because the air is fresh and the temperature is perfect. Open spaces are plenty and the soft green grass is perfect for kids roll to around, tumble, and fall. Furthermore, at Storm King kids can touch and explore a number of sculptures with their hands. There are a few interesting pieces that are open to touching and interaction. The list includes Isamu Noguchi’s Momo Taro and Siah Armajani’s Gazebo featured in the pictures below. You can also pick a kid’s interactive guide at the cafe which is pretty close to the parking lot. It will keep them engaged and allow them to learn while exploring. I found this post on NYMetroParents quite helpful when planning a visit with kids.

Kids Storm King in Summer
My little man on “Momo Taro” by Isamu Noguchi
Touchable sculpture Storm King in Summer
“Gazebo” by Siah Armajani
4. Summer is the best time to appreciate the sculptures

If you are an art connoisseur and wish to visit Storm King for its contemporary art pieces, then summer is really the best time. The sculptures easily stand out against the summer backdrop of green and blue. The flaming reds, copper browns, and cool greys of the monuments are in stark contrast to the greens and blues around. In the fall, these colors get easily lost among the yellows, reds, and browns of nature. I truly feel that fall is more about the park whereas summer is more about the sculptures.

Red Sculpture Storm King in Summer
“Five Swords” by Alexander Calder
Sculpture Storm King in Summer
“Suspended” by Menashe Kadishman
Sculpture Storm King in Summer
“Iliad” by Alexander Liberman

Storm King in summer can be a real treat because you can enjoy both art and nature. There are designated picnic areas where you can relish a wholesome meal, lie down, and appreciate the beauty around you. Storm King does have some stringent rules about cycling, jogging, and playing sports on the grounds. Do not forget to glance through them before you get here.

So, have you been to Storm King? Do you want to go there? What did you like best about this place? Drop me a line below and let’s get the conversation going.

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Storm King in Summer is The Best Place To Be | Stories by Soumya A trip to Storm King in summer is an absolute delight. You will love the open meadows, green rolling hills, beautiful wildflowers, and majestic sculptures.

Storm King in Summer is The Best Place To Be | Stories by Soumya
Storm King in Summer is The Best Place To Be | Stories by Soumya

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40 thoughts on “Storm King in Summer is The Best Place To Be

  1. I like looking at the sculptures all over the park. We have a similar park here in Texas where they divided the sculptures into 2: permanent and moving exhibits, where the moving ones are for sale within a year. Gazebo and Suspended are my favorites.

    1. Oh wow! Did not know there was a similar one in Texas too. Storm King also has some moving ones but I guess the permanent ones are greater in number.

  2. Noooot really 🙂 It is good place to be in summer, but not the best 🙂 Best one (at least for me) is St. Petersburg in Russia.

  3. The nature here is dreamy. I’ve never heard of this place, so thank you for sharing. Looks awesome.

    1. Thank you Aswathi. Thanks for bringing up the comparison with Rock Garden. Beautiful sculpture parks both of them.

  4. We have never been a sculpture park. Storm King looks really beautiful and you have captured it well through your lens. Its very arty and creative. “Suspended” looks so unique… and scary too.. what if it falls. Haha! I have tried to take a picture of butterfly so many times.. hope to succeed one day.. happy to see another inspiration here 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. My trick with butterflies – click them non-stop! 🙂 You know what that was exactly my thought when I saw Suspended for the first time. It is just held by that thin line. What wonders artists can create!

    1. Absolutely. If you are a fan of the greens and the blues, you have to come to Storm King in summer. The place is an absolute beauty.

    1. Thank you Mohit. I am sure you will love the place once you get here. You call also try going here in the fall if you are not a great fan of the sun.

    1. Thank you Amy. The sculptures were indeed amazing. And the fact that we could touch so many of them and get inside them made the trip even more memorable.

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