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A Quick Guide To Or Tor Kor Market In Bangkok

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In November 2017, Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok was voted as the 4th Best Fresh Market in the world by CNN Travel. It was described as immaculate, brightly lit, and a storehouse of exotic fruits and tropical delicacies. This time when we were in Bangkok, Or Tor Kor beckoned to us like never before and we could not resist the temptation. So here’s a quick review of what I saw there.

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Colorful, Lively, Exotic, and Neat – these were the words that came to my mind when I first stepped into Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok. Located a stone’s throw away from the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market, Or Tor Kor does not see many tourists. It is usually frequented by upper-class Bangkok residents because of its higher prices and superior quality products. That does not make it inaccessible to tourists. It just makes it more off-beat and authentic. Whether you want to make some fresh purchases, amble down the aisles, or simply people-watch – Or Tor Kor won’t disappoint you!

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Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok | Stories by Soumya
Or Tor Kor is all about colors!

Here’s my miniguide on what you can expect to see at the Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok.

Or Tor Kor is mostly a food market. However, you can still see a bit of other stuff such as kitchen supplies and clothes in the side-aisles. The center is primarily dedicated to food. Among food items, you can find fresh fruits and vegetables, uber-fresh seafood, packaged and processed items, and some exotic really stuff. Let’s take a picture tour of what you will see here.

Fresh Food

Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok | Stories by Soumya

Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok is filled with tonnes of greens. Vegetable vendors are usually found on one side of the market whereas fruit vendors are scattered all over the place. You can get almost anything that you need to cook up an appetizing Thai dish.

An interesting section is that of fresh seafood. You can find the best quality seafood here – right from the sea into your lap. I have heard that the prices at Or Tor Kor are higher than those in the rest of Bangkok but that is in part because of the superior quality. Even if you are not buying, I would recommend taking a walk down the fresh food aisles just to get a feel of the scale and the energy of the section.

Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok | Stories by Soumya
Now those are some sizeable prawns!

Cooked Food Section

If you are not planning to cook yet want to enjoy a wholesome meal, then Or Tor Kor is the place for you. Cooked food is available in plenty in the market. Many of the stores serve customers with the snacks of their liking in small plastic packets. You can carry them to one of the benches placed in the center and enjoy your meal there.

At the far end of the market, is also a food court where you can find umpteen options to satisfy your hunger pangs. Ask for/ Point out to whatever you want to dig into, pay for them, and enjoy your meal at a table.

Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok | Stories by Soumya
As I said, options are numerous!
Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok | Stories by Soumya

Don’t worry if you are craving for that small dessert at the end of your meal. Or Tor Kor has amazing Thai dessert options too. My husband’s favorite is Bua Loi which is basically a concoction of colorful, glutinous rice balls floating in a sea of sweetened coconut milk. It is often eaten warm and is considered to be soul food by locals. It is a great dish to share with your family. Kids enjoy picking out and trying balls of their favorite colors. In the picture below, you will see a collection of rice balls and Thai jellos.

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Packaged Food

Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok | Stories by Soumya
Marinated seafood at Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok

Tonnes of packaged food are available at Or Tor Kor. If you are in Bangkok only for a little while and wish to carry home some delicious souvenirs, then this is the perfect place to shop for them. A lot of them are dry and are easy to carry. Some of them can be wet such as marinated lobsters/shrimps. They are meant to be consumed within the same day or two. Good to take home and cook your own Thai meal.
At some of the stores, you can also find abundant Thai nam phrik pastes or sauces. They can be conveniently packed for you to carry home.

Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok | Stories by Soumya
Amazing variety of packaged food

Exotic Options

Apart from the regular stuff, Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok also hosts plenty of exotic tropical and non-tropical fruits. Thai mangoes, longans, rose apples, mangosteens, and rambutans are available in plenty. Apparently, it is quite a popular place to dig into some exotic Durian – the fruit with a distinct odor. I had my first taste of Durian here. Definitely not my type because the smell was a little too strong for me. But I enjoyed the rambutans and rose apples.

I also noticed these boxes of really cute white strawberries at a stall in Or Tor Kor. My first tete-a-tete with the White Jewel. They had been sourced from Japan and cost a bomb. I had to satisfy myself with only a picture.

Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok | Stories by Soumya
Durian on the right of the picture
Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok | Stories by Soumya
White strawberries at Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok

Logistics for Or Tor Kor

The market is open between 6 am – 8 pm every day. It is located at Kamphaengphet Road right opposite Chatuchak Weekend Market. You can take the MRT and get off at the Kamphaengphet station in order to get to Or Tor Kor. Alternately, you can walk from the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Paid toilets are available in a smaller building right outside the farthest end of the Or Tor Kor main building.

The Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok is every food lover’s paradise. And the best part is it is located at walking distance from the very happening Chatuchak Weekend Market which is always on every tourist’s itinerary.

Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok | Stories by Soumya
At the Or Tor Kor Market

I had a great time exploring the Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok. We were here to bring back some Thai food souvenirs and we had an amazing time shopping for them. We ended up buying rambutans, avocados from New Zealand, durian, and rose apples. I would love to go back to Bangkok one day, buy fresh stuff from Or Tor Kor, and cook a complete Thai meal out of them. What a happy thought that is!

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Have you ever been to Or Tor Kor? If so, how did you like it? Feel free to drop me a line below and let’s get the conversation going.

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22 thoughts on “A Quick Guide To Or Tor Kor Market In Bangkok

  1. I love fresh produce markets and great to know that or tor kor market in Bangkok is the 4th best market in the world declared by CNN. Loved those exotic vegetables which are used to make Thai dishes and also those rice balls floating in coconut milk. White strawberry looks very unique and I hope their taste must be similar to those of red ones. I went to Chautachak market but never knew that this fresh market is so much nearby. Next time if in Bangkok, will head towards this foodie’s paradise.

  2. Wow a great post about a not so common feature of Bangkok. I must say I have visited Bangkok several times but never visited this. If I had read this post before woukd have surely done so. Amazing fact that Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok was voted as the 4th Best Fresh Market in the world by CNN and the produce surely confirm that. The sea food is to die for and I would buy that fir sure. Thanks.

  3. OMG hose prawns got me hungry! They are so huge and look so fresh – a testimony to the quality of food you get in Tor Kor! Like you have mentioned Tor Kor’s food court really has a ton of options and as travelers/tourists even if we don’t by produce to cook we can totally enjoy the fresh produce here 😀 Your pictures do total justice to the place 🙂

  4. I absolutely love strolling around in market places and grocery stores in foreign countries. It is so interesting to see local produce and what they are selling. Very often I end up buying something too, just to snack or bring back home with me. I’m sure Bangkok is great on all kinds of exotic treats.

  5. I love the name of the market – Or Tor Kor! Haha. I am on vegan diet since last few months and I am so glad to see so many exotic fruits and vegetables in this market. Now I know I will not starve when in Bangkok. Great photographs.

  6. I have been to Chatuchak but have never heard of Or Tor Kor. We are off to Bangkok shortly and will definitely head out to this market. The food looks amazing, as all food in Thailand is. Thanks for your article.

  7. I love exploring food markets, and this looks like a fantastic one to visit. I can’t believe the size of those prawns!! I thought they were lobsters for a second, and I was wondering why they were on ice! Like you, I’m hesitant to try a durian fruit, but I’m a fan of rambutan, too. I’d enjoy walking around this market. Thanks for all of the tips!

  8. I love this market, especially for its fresh produce. Whenever I am flying out of Bangkok to India, I buy loads of gifts for my friends from Chatuchak Weekend Market and a lot of Thai spices from Or Tor Kor market. I do not miss having a multitude of dishes from the food section. You have nicely summarized all the sections of the market with pictures, hence a very good job done!

  9. I love seafood, and Or Tor Kor sounds like such an amazing spot for fresh fish. The Bua Loi sound incredible as well.. I love Asian deserts with coconut. And the best thing about Asian markets is all the street food you can get there as well, convenient in the plastic baggies and easy to eat.

    1. Exactly. You can just sit down and relish your favourite food out of a tiny bag. And Or Tor Kor is definitely the best place for fish.

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