Awe-inspiring photographs of Bodoland, India

20 Stunning Photos Of Bodoland Assam To Inspire You To Explore This Hidden Paradise!

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Together, in the middle of tall grasses and a galore of wilderness, we stood, waiting in our safari jeeps. Waiting for grasses to give way to that friendly (or not so friendly!) rhino face.

Yes, we were at the Manas National Park in Bodoland Assam waiting to set sights on India’s precious one-horned rhino.

Tall trees and yellow grass in Manas National Park

But my eyes kept wandering beyond those warm yellow grasses. To the tall leafless trees that looked like silhouettes even in the middle of the day. And to the blue mountains that wrapped them tightly.

It felt nice to be in nature’s embrace.

A Visual Tour of Bodoland, Assam in 20 Pictures

For the umpteenth time, the beauty of Bodoland overwhelmed me.

I had been in the area for more than 5 days now. Yet, the natural beauty was striking. New at every turn.

Every now and then, we would discover a new face of Bodoland. And stop by to appreciate, applaud, and simply gaze.

Bodoland is truly one of India’s most picturesque destinations.

Take the case of the picturesque mustard fields on our way back from the Bodo village. Who said only Punjab could give you those DDLJ (a Bollywood cult movieYou are not really an Indian unless you have watched THE DDLJ) shots!!

I could photograph them right here. In the middle of Bodoland.

Mustard Fields in Bodoland Assam

Or the rugged landscape of Kalamati that extends for miles along the Bhutan border.

You would almost think you had landed in a different country.

Albeit, this one has no borders! Elephants from both countries are free to come down and drink the water from the Kalamati river.

Even that lonely bridge that we encountered on our way to Gelephu in Bhutan was so beautiful. I still remember standing and watching as people crossed the bridge and went about their daily lives.

Unperturbed by the beauty that surrounded them.

As a city dweller, I could only be enchanted by it.
Lonely bridge on our way from Bongaigaon to Gelephu

And I am not even talking about the scenic beauty of the Manas National Park.

Blue mountains and yellow grass at Manas National Park

Tall, blue mountains that form a permanent backdrop.

Or the occasional lookout that seems like it has been there forever.

Even the white river bed of River Manas’ calm waters!

Maybe, the cute little rhino that you have been waiting for so long.

Or the herd of elephants trying so hard to get back home.

Lonely log on the river bed in Manas National Park

Everything about Manas National Park was poetry to me. I just had to take in the sights, close my eyes, and breathe in Manas.

To top it all, Bodoland has a rich culture too.

Apart from stunning natural beauty, Bodoland abounds in culture. Bodo people share a long history that goes back to the origins of the Hindu epic Ramayana.

Traditional Bodo designs

Read more about Bodo origins in my post on Bodo Culture and Lifestyle.

I was thrilled to be able to experience traditional Bodo dance, the weaving of Bodo dokhonas, and an old-school method of fishing from such close quarters.

Plus, the Bodos were an amicable lot. They have seen agitations, wars, turbulence. Yet, their affability was contagious.

A couple of days among them – and you will be one among them.

Bodo women are extremely hard working. They take care of homes, kids, silkworm rearing and weaving, restaurants, and even fishing.

I was so impressed by these strongwilled women that I went ahead and dedicated an exclusive post to the beautiful Bodo ladies.

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We were in Bodoland to witness the Dwijing Festival, an annual fest that celebrates a river and its role in the lives of Bodos.

Yet, Bodoland captivated us with so many different faces.

Each with a story of its own.

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Bodoland in Assam India seemed like a slice of heaven left on the earth for us mortals to savor! And I left no stone unturned during my tenure as a Bodoland Ambassador!

Hope my collection of the 20 most amazing Bodoland photos inspired you a little bit to plan your next trip here. I would be very glad if it did.

Let me know if you wish to see more photos from Bodoland. I would love to dig them up from my hard drive.

Do you love exploring remote corners of the earth? Which is your favorite corner? Let us know in the comments below.

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