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Visiting Potsdam: A Day Trip From Berlin

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If you are visiting Berlin and have some time to spare, then you must plan for a day trip to Potsdam. Visiting Potsdam can be very fulfilling and invigorating at the same time. There is so much to see in this small city that you may eventually run out of time and want to stay back for more.

Potsdam houses the resplendent palaces of Sanssouci and the beautiful Sanssouci Park, all of which are included under the UNESCO World Heritage Site called Palaces and Parks of Potsdam and Berlin. There are about 150 buildings spread over 500 hectares and they were built anywhere between 1730 and 1916.

Here are a few things that you must not miss if you are visiting Potsdam from Berlin.

Schloss Sanssouci

Schloss Sanssouci or the Sanssouci Palace was built as the summer retreat of King Friedrich the Great of Prussia. It is often called the Versailles of Prussia because of its similar layout and beautiful, terraced gardens.

Birthplace of Friedrichian Rococo

The palace is opulently carved with rich Rococo designs and ornate, floral reliefs. King Friedrich imposed a lot of his own style and taste into the designs, which is why the architecture is often referred to as the “Friedrichian Rococo”.

The palace is a small one when compared to other contemporary European palaces but the beauty ensconced in this small space is worth looking at.

Entrance tickets

Entry requires a fee and you get an entry time when you buy a ticket. There may be a small wait depending on the crowd. Alternately, you may reserve a slot by buying a ticket online, which is slightly more expensive. A single-entry ticket costs €12 whereas a Sanssouci+ day pass for all palaces costs only €19. Photography requires a photo permit which costs an additional €3 for all palaces. The palace is closed on all Mondays.

The Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam
The Sanssouci Palace
Chandelier in Sanssouci Palace Potsdam
A beautiful chandelier adorns the Sanssouci hallway
Beautiful Rococo designs in Potsdam
Beautiful Rococo designs
Rococo ceiling - Potsdam Trip
Rococo ceiling

Sanssouci Park

Sanssouci Park is a large and beautiful park surrounding the Sanssouci Palace. The park is complete with a beautifully designed flower garden, manicured hedges, terraced vineyards, colonnades, and fountains.

Entrance times and tickets

While entry into the palace requires a fee, entry into the park is free and a full tour of the garden may take anywhere between 1 – 5 hours depending on your pace. The park opens at 8 am and closes at dusk.

The Sanssouci Park Potsdam
The Sanssouci Park
Sanssouci Park Potsdam
Manicured hedges

The New Palace of Potsdam

The New Palace or Neues Palais is huge when compared to the Sanssouci Palace. It was built by Friedrich II after Prussia won the Seven Years War from 1756 – 1763.

The palace boasts of grandeur and power and is lavishly decorated in a rich Rococo style. It has impressive halls and galleries with the Grotto Hall being the most eccentric one. The Grotto Hall is fitted with thousands of seashells, fossils, and gemstones and gives you a feel of the Prussian power the moment you enter it.

Entrance tickets

Entry is included in the Sanssouci+ pass. The palace is closed on all Tuesdays. So, ideally Wednesday – Sunday is a good time to visit Potsdam if you want to see both the seats of power. For more information on a day trip to Potsdam or purchase of tickets, visit

New Palace Potsdam
The Neues Palais
A view of the Grotto Hall Potsdam
A view of the Grotto Hall
In the Grotto Hall Potsdam Daytrio
In the Grotto Hall

Other places to see while visiting Potsdam

You may also want to visit the Chinese Tea House which is an added attraction. It was built to adorn the fruit and vegetable garden and clearly shows the influence of exotic Chinese culture on the styles and ways of their European counterparts.

Where to eat in Potsdam

We lunched at the Movenpick restaurant near the Sanssouci Palace as we waited for our turn to get in. It is a cozy place that serves some really delicious food. I had a vegetarian pasta with green peas and white asparagus and have been drooling ever since.

Pasta Movenpick Potsdam Trip
Fettuccine with white asparagus and green peas at Movenpick

Do check out my German photo gallery if you are planning a trip to this wonderful country or just wish to know more.

So, have you visited Potsdam yet? Have you spent a wonderful day there? If yes, let me know of your favorite spot in the comments below. If not, I am sure you will want to pack your bags soon. Happy Potsdam to you!

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50 thoughts on “Visiting Potsdam: A Day Trip From Berlin

  1. I have never really heard of this place but the design details are stunning!! I will keep in mind if I make it to Berlin!

  2. Never been to Berlin but what a gem of a place this looks and sounds like. Would definitely like to see this with my own eyes when I finally make it to Germany. How many days do you think would be sufficient to see it thoroughly?

  3. Potsdam looks like its a wonderful place. When I travel I like to go to places to see places that reflect their history and culture.

  4. The Neues Palais is kinda interesting. I am from St. Petersburg, where we have a bit too much castles. But this one looks pretty different from what I saw.

    1. Yeah this is very much French in the middle of Germany. And with all the Rococo it looks even prettier. Would love to read up a post on Russian castles if you have one.

  5. That is a must see, but I am kind of surprised by the photography pass. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Looks beautiful though.

    1. Yeah, you need to pay 3 euros if you want to take pictures inside the palaces. A lot of places do have similar rules. I guess maybe to discourage photography!

  6. I’ve never been to Potsdam before, but wow, those rococo walls and ceilings! I’m adding it to my bucket list like in now! Great post!

  7. I already have this on my list. I love day trips to different towns and cities to maximize travel time.Plus, I love history and culture so this is right up my alley.

  8. I’ve been to Berlin so many times but have never made it to Potsdam and now I see what I’ve been missing out on! It looks absolutely beautiful! Will have to go next time I am back 🙂

  9. Wow! Those are some pretty impressive palaces. I love getting new ideas for places to see in Europe – we really haven’t seen enough of it.

  10. I think every Berlin-visitor should make it to Potsdam, too. There is so much to see – also apart from Sanssouci: There is the Russian quarter, the Dutch quarter, the old and the new market, now they renovated the old Italian-style villas, then, of course, the mansion where the Potsdam conference took place that basically changed the faith of Europe….and it’s just such a short ride from Berlin – and even included in the big version of the BerlinCard.

    1. I did not get chance to see the Russian and Dutch quarters but I would love to go back for them. Had not heard of the Italian villas. You have given me so much to look out for. Thanks a ton.

  11. Had never heard of Potsdam near Berlin. Would love to visit it, especially for Beautiful Rococo designs. While you have suggested these fantastic places to be covered in a day, would love to take in on a slow travel. Just hope there would be budget places to stay there too.

    1. Yeah there are budget options too. Quite a few options on with excellent reviews. I would love it if someone could cover all of Potsdam and write about it. It would be wonderful to see everything and see slow.

  12. I love posts which make people add a new place to their travel list and this one does just that! I have now subscribed to your blog so I hope not to miss a post again! explore with Chloe x

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